1. Current Interests

    I haven’t posted in awhile so here is a snapshot of what I’ve been oscillating through over the last few months:

    • The Name of The Rose by Umberto Eco
    • Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
    • Bibila Sacra Vuglata (cross referencing with KJV, looking for dubious and/or misleading translations. Note that I am not a christian)
    • My Acanthus project
    • My ongoing surround cinema and/or adventure game and/or music composition and/or installation art project, A Winter’s Journey a.k.a. Phoenix
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Speech Recognition tech (OSX Mavericks FTW)
    • Knowledge Bases (OpenCYC, Open Mind)
    • Presentation at TEDxSF in November
    • Presentation at GAFFTA Creative Coders Meetup in January
    • Playing the Cello (Bach Suite 1, Duport Etude 7, Telemann Canons)
    • Playing the Piano… less often (Beethoven Sonata 8, misc Chopin, Bach
    • Introduction to contrapuntal and canonic composition 
    • Musical & narrative analysis of the 1st Bach Suite Prelude
    • GLSL Scalable Ambient Obscurance (better than SSAO!)
    • OpenGL Geometry Instancing 
    • Bullet Physics: constraints and collisions
    • Image Based Lighting in GLSL, including:
    • HDR convolution, spherical harmonics, etc.
    • ZeroMQ (+ Protocol Buffers, MessagePack, etc.)
    • Created my own Sparse Virtual Texturing engine from scratch over the holidays (a.k.a. Dynamic Megatextures)
    • Spherical & dimensional imaging
    • Oculus Rift prototyping 
    • Unity (just a little bit, they released a new version)
    • Tinderbox 
    • Next Generation Science Standards modeling & visualization
    • Some light Houdini modeling
    • Understanding corporate tax law and structures
    • Smart space, IOT research for work
    • Samsung, Obscura, etc.
    • Fuji X100 (fun!)
    • Logo & identity design (for Quotient)
    • ad infinitum

  2. Funomena →

    I had an unexpectedly awesome time visiting Funomena’s studio in SOMA yesterday and got to play-test their new title. Funomena was started by two of the genii who made the game Journey and they are also working with Keita Takahashi, the designer of some of my favorite modern art-games like Noby Noby Boy, Loco Roco, Katamari Damacy, etc. What a combination of talent!!

  3. SENNA →

    One of the major hurdles in natural language processing is to parse natural language into something that computers can understand. Senna is a self-contained engine that will turn raw, english sentences into a detailed deconstruction where the subject, object, adjectives, prepositions, etc., are all labelled. (What to do with that information is still a bit of a mystery to me, but it’s interesting!)

  4. CMUSphinx Wiki →

    Sphinx is pretty much the best open source ASR toolkit, that I’ve been able to find anyway. I haven’t had much luck getting pocketsphinx, the c implementation, to run on OSX but it works like a charm in linux. There is also a java version that seems to be much better “tended to”.

  5. http://publications.lib.chalmers.se/records/fulltext/155126.pdf →

  6. Smart Socks →

  7. Samsung & Suites

    I’ve accepted a position at Samsung Information Systems America as a Senior Director. I’ll be working at the new Mobile UX lab in downtown San Francisco. Saying goodbye to my friends at Obscura Digital is not easy – I’ve been there for almost six years. It’s not a comfortable feeling to be in limbo, and I will be slightly out of my element for the first time in a long while. Fortunately, I have a new cello to work with (courtesy of a very good, old friend of mine from high school). I played when I was younger and recently became interested in seriously pursuing it again. I had my first lesson with a private instructor this past Monday. It’s a great distraction, and really interesting to see my nascent skill returning to the surface, as I rebuild muscle strength and calluses.

  8. Google’s New Phone: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Gesture-Heavy UIs →

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  12. Re-Thinking Interaction Design →

  13. Big Corporations Are Buying Design Firms in Droves →

    Interaction Design is the new Advertising >:(

  14. The magic of reality is hidden in shadows cast by the light of reason.

  15. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/05/internet-of-things/ →